Dave Friend a.k.a Mr. Organic
Dave Friend
aka Mr.Organic

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Growing up in a small farming village in Yorkshire England in the forties and early fifties, I seem to remember all food being 'organic'. Years later, after raising two families with mainly 'conventional' produce and/processed foods, I re-discovered my organic roots in the 1990s.

I started visiting organic farms in the UK and soon became an 'international ”WWOOFF-er” (Willing Worker On Organic Farms). Staying and working at numerous organic farms in different parts of the world, I gained more and more knowledge about growing food without the aid of artificial chemicals, i.e., poisons!

Eventually my wwoofing-based travels brought me to beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, where I now call home (since 1998). Once on the Island, I eventually became a commercial grower of certified organic fruits and vegetables.

Blending my earlier business experience with my new knowledge of organic farming, I started to offer my professional services as an organic consultant (and still do). Now, my focus has shifted to education, and teaching students – from Kindergarten to University – about food security and related topics.

On the website, you will see some of the educational programs that I have developed. Although mainly geared towards students, many are suitable and available for grown-ups, too!

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Dave Friend aka Mr. Organic